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Lose Unwanted Fat and Get in the Best Shape of Your Life!


Glastonbury Naturopathic Center Wholistic HCG Fat Loss Program, now with advanced Bioimpedence Analysis and Body Composition.
A new way to shed fat, develop better eating habits and restart your body for a happier, healthier you!

Does the FAT around your mid-section have you captive?
Have you tried every diet possible without life changing results?

We have the program for YOU!

HCG (human ChorionicGonadotripin) is a naturally occuring glycoprotein in the human body.  One of the functions of HCG was discovered by Dr. Simeons.  He found that HCG can stimulate the body to metabolize and burn extra fat for energy.  HCG  is believed to reset the hypothalamic “satiety center” and change the “set point” of ones metabolism.  HCG is known to “open” only the contents of the excess fat cells thus allowing it to be used for the daily calories.  Supplementing with HCG may result in reshaping the body by losing inches as well as pounds.

About our Homeopathic HCG:
Not all homeopathic formulations are the same.  If the alcohol in the formula is improperly used then this substance will ruin the effect of the HCG.  Our HCG product includes homeopathic dilutions without the use of alcohol during the early stages of the process.  AnuMed International manufactures from certified human USP grade HCG and distributes a homeopathic version from an FDA registered facility.  This ensures that the raw materials and the finished product meet the highest quality standards. 

Is Homeopathic HCG Safe?
Yes, the homeopathic version of HCG has been shown to be safe.  One may experience headaches (often from a withdrawal of fats, carbs and sugars from the diet while on HCG), mild hunger (typically any of these symptoms are in the first 24-48 hours while building up the supply of HCG in your system).  Dr. Simeons acknowledged that large amounts of HCG are released during pregnancy without any harmful side effects.  The amount of homeopathic HCG used in the fat release system is a fraction of what is released naturally during pregnancy. 

HCG and the Hypothalmus:
Dr. Simeons discovered that using small amounts of HCG could reset and adjust the hypothalamus to operate at normal levels again.  The importance of this ability lies in the fact that the hypothalamus is the functioning center for four of our brains most powerful hormones (neurotransmitters) that affect the mind.  The hypothalamus directs a plethora of vital functions in the body such as endocrine, autonomic, and motor function control, food and water intake regulations, sleep-wake cycle regulation, and homeostasis.  So, you see this is about your entire body.  And, at Glastonbury Naturopathic Center we focus on this.  It is not only about the foods that you take in, but about what other functions are irregular within you.  Other medical conditions that contribute to weight gain or inability to lose fat include:

• Adrenal fatigue
• Stress and Insomnia
• Emotional Eating
• High Levels of Toxins in the Body
• Thyroid Imbalances
• Food Sensitivities
• Depression
• Blood Sugar Imbalances, and more . . .

Dr. Pulnik offers specialty testing and treatment with great results!  She has guided hundreds of patients in successful losing unwanted fat and achieve a healthy, happier you!  The support you receive with our HCG Fat Loss Program helps you to find balance, customize areas that work personally for you and look at food in a lighter way.

Benefits of our HCG Program
1. Release of Storage Fat
2. Preservation of Structural Fat
3. Suppression of Appetite
4. Increased Metabolism
5. Re-Sets Weight Center of the Brain
6. Medical evaluation and overview with Dr. Helene Pulnik
7. Progress Visits with weigh-in, measurements and accountability – allowing you to adopt healthy eating habits that will positively affect your entire body and quality of life.

I've struggled with weight issues for years. I went to Dr. Pulnik to discuss possibly embracing The Blood Type diet for weight loss and other health reasons. I am 61 years old with hypothyroidism, slightly high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. I could not accept the 2 latter conditions and finally got REAL help! Dr. Pulnik suggested I try the HCG program. After 40 days I had lost about 20 pounds. My total cholesterol had gone from 273 to 165. My blood work values were all perfectly in normal ranges. I am off blood pressure meds. I've lost and maintained a 23 pound weight loss and am gearing up for another round of HCG. I am so grateful for Dr. Pulnik and this diet. I've read Dr. Simeons' original book, Kevin Trudeau's weight loss book and embraced all aspects and information regarding this plan. I truly believed it has enhanced my life and sense of wellness. This plan works if you let it!   from Sharon L. Manchester, Ct.

GET STARTED NOW on achieving a healthier, happier YOU, call us today!
The On-Going Wholistic HCG Fat Loss Program at Glastonbury Naturopathic Center:
Get Started ANY Time with one of our Get Started Classes! 
Here's what you can expect from our Program:

  • No hunger
  • No side effects
  • No painful injections
  • No "Shakes" or processed diet foods to purchase
  • Simple easy to follow plan
  • Lose 10 to 30 pounds in 6 weeks* (individual results may vary)
  • Help reset your metabolism to normal
  • Totally Unique, not like any diet you have ever tried
  • You will not be restricted to eat certain foods for the rest of your life
  • The plan addresses how to maintain your desired weight
  • Learn new, healthy eating habits for life, eating REAL FOOD
  • It’s safe, it’s easy, it works!

Call today to sign up for a “Get Started” Meeting!

At the “Get Started” Classes, you will receive all the information about our HCG Program to Get Started on the program.  Get Started Now to Lose Fat and Transform your Body! Call 860-657-4105

*Individual weight loss results may vary.   
*Always check with your physician before starting any weight loss program.
*All fees, services and program contents are subject to change.

**ALWAYS check with your physician BEFORE starting any new WEIGHT LOSS Program.

6 Week HCG Fat Loss Program $555 (pre-paid) Includes:

Week 1 (starting immediately after the HCG Educational Class) :

  • Comprehensive Medical Intake
  • Initial weigh-in and Body Composition Measurements
  • 2 bottles HCG homeopathic drops (1st bottle is at time of start-up, you will reveive  2nd bottle at Week 2 Progress Visit)
  • Comprehensive Information, Education, and Instructions
  • Comprehensive Diet Plan, with Recipe & Menu Book
  • 1 Box CleanseMax
  • 1 package Miracle Noodles
  • 1 bottle organic Stevia
  • Comprehensive Laboratory testing is ordered thru Quest Labs and Adrenal Stress Hormone testing is ordered theu ECHN.**
    **Laboratory fees are NOT included in the program fee, but are usually covered by most insurance plans, or by your HSA.
  • WEEKS 2 and 4: Progress Visits
  • 2 Progress Visits, with weigh-in, including Body Composition Measurements
  • Identifying and solving any obstacles to success
  • Coaching
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • WEEK 5: Offive Visit with Dr. Pulnik and Transition to Maintenance Program
  • NOT covered in program fee.  This office visit may be covered by your HSA or insurance. We accept Anthem Blue Cross, Cigna and Connecticare. 
  • If you have other insurance, the visit fee is $115, and you will receive a superbill to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.
  • Week 5 Office Visit with Dr. Helene Pulnik, ND is to transition you to the Maintenance Protocol, review your Body Composition changes, laboratory results, treat any nutritional, metabolic or hormonal imbalances, and make supplement recommendations**, if necessary.

    **Supplements recommended by Dr. Pulnik are not included in the cost of the program

Additional support is available for stress reduction, food cravings, cleansing & detoxification, offered with our Special Add-On Packages of Acupuncture, Colon Hydrotherapy, BioMat Detox Therapy, Infra-red Sauna and Massage therapy.


Detoxification to Cleanse, Replenish, Revitalize

 Start your detox regime, cleanse your body of toxins. Our detox treatments leave your body feeling refreshed and revitalised. Heal your mind and body from the inside out... 

 Feel like yourself again by getting rid of unwanted toxins with our Powerful Detoxification Programs!

Our detoxification programs are designed to promote continued health, balance, and rejuvenation.
At Glastonbury Naturopathic Center & Wholistic Spa™, we offer a full range of cleansing and detoxification programs to fit your individual needs. Our deeply therapeutic and purifying services help you achieve optimal health from the inside out!

Our Detoxification & Cleansing Programs have been created to gently assist the body in detoxification and elimination of toxins, allowing the body to heal and function optimally.  All Detoxification programs are designed and supervised by Dr. Helene Pulnik, ND, LAc.

Take our toxicity questionnaire now: Toxicity Questionnaire (PDF)

 View our Detox Dry Skin Brushing info now: Detox Dry Skin Brushing (PDF)

Why Detoxify?

 With the increase in the number of chemicals introduced into our environment in the last fifty years, there has been a dramatic increase in incidences of auto-immune disease, allergies, cancer, diabetes YES-DIABETES!, heart disease and common infections.

There is no coincidence in this increase. There are tens of thousands of chemicals in use today and more than a forth of these are known to be toxic and nothing is known about their interactive effects. Body fat has been tested that contains residue of hundreds of chemicals.

Metals, such as mercury, cadmium, an antimony are everywhere and impossible to avoid. Lead can block red blood cell formation. Chemicals can act as toxins that can block receptor sites on cells, cause changes in calcium homeostasis, selectively kill cells, and alter expression of gene products. Metals and chemical toxins weaken the immune system and cause increased vulnerability to virus, bacterial fungal and parasitic infections.

 In an attempt to detoxify these substances, our bowels, kidneys and liver are being overloaded. Our eliminative channels have become blocked or dysfunctional, because, in conjunction with these synthetic chemicals, the over-processed Standard American Diet (SAD diet) is severely lacking in fiber and high in saturated fats. Eating these foods, overeating, ignoring the call to eliminate, stress, allergies, and medications can contribute to many common digestive symptoms. Many people can benefit from a Detoxification program.

4 Great Ways to Detoxify! 
Your Body will Thank You!

10 Day Clear Change Detox Program-offered year round! $189 pre-paid

The goal of the 10 Day Detox program is to gently cleanse your body of toxins that add an extra burden, which can affect your energy, weight, and overall health. 

Complete 10 Day Detox Kit Includes:

  • Detoxification Supplement

  • Medical Food

  • Program Guide with program instructions and foods allowed

  • Recipes, Menus, and Shopping List

  • Body Composition Reading

  • Initial meeting (not a medical office visit) with our 10 Day Clear Change Detox Program facilitator to explain the program and answer your questions about the Program.

  • Daily Email Support

Basic 28 Day Metabolic Detoxification Program $375 pre-paid

Detoxification is Good Medicine.  Our Metabolic Detoxification Program as been utilized by hundreds of doctors and patients, for over 20 years, and it is based on 20 years of clinical experience and scientific research. Nutritionally supports all the body's systems involved in detoxification.

 Basic 28 Day Metabolic Detox Includes:

  • Complete Guided 28 Day Metabolic Detoxification Group Program
  • Weekly Group Sessions
  • Before and After Body Composition Readings
  • Medical Food
  • Detoxification Supplements
  • Guidebook
  • Recipes & Menus
  • Daily Support Emails 

 Advanced 28 Day Metabolic Detox Program $555 pre-paid

 Advanced 28 Day Metabolic Detox Includes:

  • Complete Guided 28 Day Metabolic Detoxification Group Program
  • Weekly Group Sessions
  • Before and After Body Composition Readings
  • Medical Food
  • Detoxification Supplement
  • Guidebook
  • Recipes& Menus
  • Daily Emails
  • 2 60 minute Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions

 Premium 28 Day Detox Program $625 pre-paid

Premium 28 Day Metabolic Detoxification Program Includes:

  • Complete Guided 28 Day Metabolic Detoxification Group Program
  • Weekly Group Sessions
  • Before and After Body Composition Readings
  • Medical Food
  • Detoxification Supplement
  • Guidebook
  • Recipes& Menus
  • Daily Emails
  • Two 60 minute Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions
  • Two Therapeutic Infrared Sauna Sessions

 Detoxification and Cleansing Program Testimonials

"Dear Dr Pulnik: 

Thank you so much for recommending the Detoxification Program for me. I have never felt better or looked so good! The first few days were very difficult, but once I got over my cravings I realized how easy it was. While on the cleanse, I lost a total of 15 pounds, and have shed another 30 since then. I no longer crave sugary or salty junk foods, and my energy is through the roof! I would recommend this to anyone looking to jump start their way to a healthier body and mind. Thank you again!" Jackie C. from Windsor, CT 

"I first tried the 28 day cleanse for a few reasons. First of all, I had joint pain for the majority of my life with no relief from physical therapy, chiropractic work, or anti-inflamatories. Second, I was trying to loose weight and was having a hard time sticking to a diet that didn't leave me feeling hungry or unsatisfied. Dr. Pulnik recommended the cleanse and I figured 21 days was an easy way to start. I started by making sure I had all the food I could eat at the house and tried to keep my "eating out" plans to a minimum for two weeks, from there it was easy. Learning new recipes and substituting veggies such as portobella mushrooms for meat was fun during the process. After the first hydrocolon therapy session, dry spots on my skin cleared up and my joints were starting to feel better, by the end I had no more joint pain and lost close to 15 pounds (I also started exercising more consistantly.) It has now been close to a year and I am still pain free and have taken off an additional 5 pounds. I am now in the process of doing a second cleanse and due to the success my husband is also doing the cleanse."Julie from Tolland, CT 

*ALL our Detoxification Programs are offered year-round to individuals, with group classes offered monthly.

**The Detoxification Programs are general wellness programs, and not intended to be one-on-one naturopathic medical care. If you wish to become a Naturopathic medical patient at Glastonbury Naturopathic Center, please call 860-657-4105 and schedule a Naturopathic medical appointment with one of our licensed Naturopathic physicians.

***You do not need to be a naturopathic medical patient of Glastonbury Naturopathic Center to participate in our 21 Day Purification & Weight Management Program.

***Individuals with certain medical conditions may not be able to participate in the HG Fat Loss Program or the Detoxification Programs. Consult your physician before starting any new weight loss or detoxification program.

***These programs are not a substitute for proper medical care, and they are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any condition or disease.

 Advanced Detoxification & Cleansing Therapies~to get the most from your Detox Program!

Therapeutic Far Infrared Sauna  30 min. $35    

With Therapeutic Infrared Sauna, your body produces up to three times more perspiration than a conventional sauna. This rids your body of harmful toxins and can ultimately burn up to 300 calories during a 20-30 minute session. Deep relaxation for aching muscles and joints. Infrared, or radiant heat, can be engineered to produce the same frequencey levels as our own body heat. It is in tune with our own energy system and allows a deep heat penetration that is not possible with traditional methods of heating. 
*All jewelry and contact lenses must be removed before using the sauna.
*Therapeutic Infrared Sauna is contraindicated in pregnancy, persons with high blood pressure, implants and pacemakers.

Therapeutic Massage    60 min. Therapeutic Massage $75 

Therapeutic Massage as a light and relaxing massage for everyone.  Therapeutic Massage is a wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating part of a detoxification program for anyone seeking to improve their health and appearance.

 Massage Benefits during Detoxification

  • Flushes lymph congestion and restores immune defenses. You may also notice an increase in their daily energy.

  • Boosts the immune system. You may be less susceptible to seasonal illnesses and stress reactions as body chemistry normalizes.

  • Reduces stress, improves sleep and overal wellness.

Massage can be followed by a detoxifying herbal wrap, body scrub, or a Therapeutic far infrared sauna session.  For best results, one should also make an effort to drink lots of pure water while eliminating unhealthy foods from the diet for several days.

Detoxification Packages

CLEANSE   $149 (90 Minutes)

  • 30 min Therapeutic Far Infrared Sauna

  • 60 min Colon Hydrotherapy

REFRESH  $189 (2 Hours)

  • 60 min Therapeutic Massage

  • 60 min Colon Hydrotherapy

 **ALWAYS check with your physician BEFORE starting any new WEIGHT LOSS or DETOXIFICATION Program.


  • New Science shows Dark Chocolate helps prevent Obesity, Diabetes, and more! Key Chocolate Ingredients Could Help Prevent Obesity, Diabetes Improved thinking. Decreased appetite. Lowered blood pressure. The potential health benefits of dark chocolate keep piling up, and scientists are now homing in on what ingredients in chocolate might help prevent obesity, as well as type-2 diabetes. They found that one particular type of antioxidant in cocoa prevented laboratory mice from gaining excess weight and lowered their blood sugar levels. The report appears in ACS’ Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry. Andrew P. Neilson and colleagues explain that cocoa, the basic ingredient of chocolate, is one of the most flavanol-rich foods around. That’s good for chocolate lovers because previous research has shown that flavanols in other foods such as grapes and tea can help fight weight gain and type-2 diabetes. But not all flavanols, which are a type of antioxidant, are created equal. Cocoa has several different kinds of these compounds, so Neilson’s team decided to tease them apart and test each individually for health benefits. The scientists fed groups of mice different diets, including high-fat and low-fat diets, and high-fat diets supplemented with different kinds of flavanols. They found that adding one particular set of these compounds, known as oligomeric procyanidins (PCs), to the food made the biggest difference in keeping the mice’s weight down if they were on high-fat diets. They also improved glucose tolerance, which could potentially help prevent type-2 diabetes. “Oligomeric PCs appear to possess the greatest antiobesity and antidiabetic bioactivities of the flavanols in cocoa, particularly at the low doses employed for the present study,” the researchers state. Source: American Chemical Society
  • by Sayer Ji, Green Med Info This commonly overlooked superfood protects the body from nuclear fallout, kills a wide range of cancers, and keeps the arteries unclogged -- to name but a few, experimentally confirmed ways in which the apple awakens your inner physician. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This age old saying has never rang with greater promise and authority than it does today. As in the modern era, doctors bring with them a battery of tests, drugs, and interventions, all of which carry unintended, adverse health risks that often outweigh their purported benefits, and are therefore best avoided whenever possible.   Also, apples are also far cheaper than doctors, and in the worst case scenario of coerced or mandatory treatment can be thrown as a non-deadly (downright nutritious) form of self-defense.   While some might take this opening aphorism as mere folk medicine fantasy, the reality is that the medicinal properties of apple are well-documented within the biomedical literature. For instance, apple consumption has been the subject of quite a few studies on colorectal cancer risk reduction. [i] [ii] [iii]  Other cancers that apple constituents have been studied to kill in pre-clinical research include: •Liver Cancer: apple juice, apple pectin and apple peel has been experimentally confirmed to kill liver cancer,[iv] •Breast Cancer: apples have been found to both prevent and to suppress mammary cancers in the animal model.[v] •Multi-Drug Resistant Cancer: carotenoids extracted from apple have been found to inhibit drug resistant cancer cell line proliferation.[vi] •Esophageal Cancer: An apple-derived procyanidin has been found to suppress esophageal cancer. [vii] •Stomach Cancer: One of the ways in which apple constituents prevent stomach cancer is through their inhibition of Helicobacter pylori, one of the main infectious agents linked to both ulcer and gastric cancer.[viii]  But apple procyanidin has also been studied for its ability to directly induce programmed cell death within stomach cancer cells.[ix] It is likely that many of the fundamental processes involved in cancer initiation and promotion are inhibited by apples and their constituents, and therefore apples may protect against far more cancers than referenced above. It appears that no matter what part of apple is studied, it has anti-tumor properties. Apple cider vinegar, for instance, has been found to contain an anti-tumor compound which results from the acetic acid fermentative process known as alpha-glycan. Another proven way in which apples reduce the risk of cancer is through their ability to remove carcinogenic radioisotopes that have accumulated in our bodies as a result of the fallout from nuclear weapons, depleted uranium munitions, and nuclear energy and disaster-associated pollution, e.g. Chernobyl and Fukushima. Post-Chernobyl, for instance, apple pectin was used to reduce Cesium-137 levels in exposed children, in some cases by over 60%.[x] From 1996 to 2007, a total of more than 160,000 "Chernobyl" children received pectin food additives. As a result, levels of Cs-137 in children's organs decreased after each course of pectin additives by an average of 30-40%.[xi] Significant reductions were noted in as short a time period as 16 days.[xii]  Apple pectin has even been found to prevent the most deadly, and entirely man-made radioisotope, Plutonium-239, from absorbing in the gastrointestinal tract of animals fed it.[xiii] We could, therefore, modernize our apple aphorism by saying "an apple a day keeps the nuclear fallout away." And truly, there are very few other substances, natural or synthetic, that have ever been found to protect against plutonium exposure. Apples, therefore, are truly super-foods in this respect. Other noteworthy "evidence-based" medicinal properties of apple include: •Diarrhea: Apple, in combination with chamomile, shortens the course of unspecific diarrhea in children.[xiv] •Hardening of the Arteries (Atherosclerosis): Preclinical research indicates that apple contains compounds which prevent the formation of plaque within the arteries.[xv] One rabbit study, for instance, found that apple juice was capable of preventing the progression of atherosclerosis in a high cholesterol diet induced model of atherosclerosis.[xvi] •Overweight: A human study found significant weight loss associated with a daily intake of three apples or three pears among overweight women.[xvii] •Anti-Aging (Brain): Apples have been found to prevent oxidative damage and impaired maze performance,[xviii]as well as decreases in cognitive performance in aging mice.[xix] Also, a study performed on mice found that apple juice actually reduced the production of pathological amyloid-beta levels (associated with Alzheimer's disease) in the mouse brain.[xx] •Bowel Inflammation: Preclinical research has found that apple procyanidins [xxi]reduces bowel inflammation.[xxii] •Vaccine-Induced Toxicity: Many natural substances, including breast milk, have been found to decrease the synthetically-produced immune reaction associated with vaccines, and their adjuvants. Apple polyphenol counts among these, and has been found to prevent cholera toxin when used as an immune stimulant within vaccines from doing as much damage than it would otherwise do. •Periodontal Disease: We all know the sensation that follows eating an apple – that astringent property, where our gums feel squeaky clean. This is due, in part, to quercetin, which is found in apples, tea and onions, for example. It bears significant antimicrobial properties.[xxiii] Apple polyphenol also protects against periodontal ligament cell destruction associated with Porphyromonas gingivalis, a pathogenic anaerobic bacteria, infection.[xxiv] •Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs): AGEs are associated with the oxidation of blood sugars, primarily. These sugars becomes caramelized when exposed to oxidants, and then binds to cell structures, e.g. fats/proteins, causing damage. Apple leaves have been found to have significant anti-AGE activity, including the vasoconstriction associated with AGE-induced endothelial dysfunction.[xxv] •Hair Loss: Remarkably, a procyanidin, labeled B-2, from apples promotes hair growth, in the cell model.[xxvi] •Staphylococcal Infections: Apple pectin has been shown to inhibit synthesis of types A and B staphylococcal enterotoxins, which can cause profound bodily damage.[xxvii] •Influenza Infection: Over 60 years ago researchers found that the complex carbohydrates that make up apple pectin inhibit the infectivity of influenza A virus in chicken blood, as well in embryonated eggs, indicating its potential anti-influenza properties.[xxviii] The list of evidence-based therapeutic properties of apple is rather extensive. To view the full range of experimentally confirmed benefits view them here: Apple's Health Benefits. Ultimately, this research on apples indicates how important whole foods are to our overall health. Apples are not medicine, rather, they are the means by which medicines become unnecessary. It is through authentic nourishment and detoxification – both functions which are provided to us through most fruits - that we prevent and treat disease (note: these statements likely will never be evaluated or approved by the FDA, because they are true). Also, fruit are archetypally beneficial foods for the human species; we have indexed over 300 experimentally confirmed health benefits of fruit on our database so far. Our evolutionary legacy (confirmed through modern genetic testing*) indicates that our pre-human ancestors lived in a jungle setting, where fruit would have been available year round. This would, in fact, explain why we no longer synthesize vitamin c from glucose – we were so "spoiled" by the abundance of fruit available for so long that we gave up (via genetic mutation or atavism) our ability to provide it to ourselves.  Plants and animals live in symbiosis. For the same reason that our lungs take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide (which is live-giving to plants), the fruits of these same plants provide a seed (which we help disperse), and a flesh to entice us to consume it. Fruit, therefore, is a food source that is as ancient as human origins itself. Could this be one reason why apples seem capable of these amazing feats of healing? Perhaps. Next time you crunch into a crisp, fresh, organic apple, consider all that it has to offer, not theoretically, but viscerally. Experience the joy (the word fruit, etymologically, comes from the Latin word frui, meaning ENJOY), on a first hand basis. Also, if you have never done an apple mono-diet before, consider it. It is not so much a fruit fast, as a feast. Grab a bag of organic apples, and whenever you are hungry eat one. You will be surprised by how immediate you are satiated, and how cleansing and liberating on the body the exclusive consumption of such a simple, perfect food like the apple really is. One can easily go a day or two using this approach, often with the result of feeling completely renewed and refreshed.     Resources *Note: It is a little known and under-appreciated fact that all humans are born with a serious, life-threatening genetic defect: namely, the inability to manufacture Vitamin C. This defect occurred approximately 63 million years ago, when our haplorrhini ("simple nosed") primate predecessors lost the gene (Gulnolactone oxidase pseudogene – GULOP), responsible for the manufacture of Vitamin C from glucose. The ability to synthesize Vitamin C, in fact, has been lost several times in vertebrates, e.g. in guinea pigs, some bats, some fishes, passeriform birds and in primates of the suborder Haplorrhini, which includes monkes, apes and humans. •[i] Wieslaw Jedrychowski, Umberto Maugeri. An apple a day may hold colorectal cancer at bay: recent evidence from a case-control study. Rev Environ Health. 2009 Jan-Mar;24(1):59-74. PMID: 19476292   •[ii] Wieslaw Jedrychowski, Umberto Maugeri, Tadeusz Popiela, Jan Kulig, Elzbieta Sochacka-Tatara, Agnieszka Pac, Agata Sowa, Agnieszka Musial. Case-control study on beneficial effect of regular consumption of apples on colorectal cancer risk in a population with relatively low intake of fruits and vegetables. Basic Clin Pharmacol Toxicol. 2009 Mar;104(3):262-71. Epub 2009 Jan 20. PMID: 19926998     [iii] H Deneo-Pellegrini, E De Stefani, A Ronco. Vegetables, fruits, and risk of colorectal cancer: a case-control study from Uruguay. Nutr Cancer. 1996;25(3):297-304. PMID: 8771572     •[iv], Apple's Anti-Liver Cancer Properties     •[v], Apple's Anti-Breast Cancer Properties     •[vi] Péter Molnár, Masami Kawase, Kazue Satoh, Yoshitaka Sohara, Toru Tanaka, Satoru Tani, Hiroshi Sakagami, Hideki Nakashima, Noboru Motohashi, Nóra Gyémánt, Joseph Molnár. Biological activity of carotenoids in red paprika, Valencia orange and Golden delicious apple. Phytother Res. 2005 Aug;19(8):700-7. PMID: 16177974     •[vii] Roberto Pierini, Paul A Kroon, Sylvain Guyot, Kamal Ivory, Ian T Johnson, Nigel J Belshaw. Procyanidin effects on oesophageal adenocarcinoma cells strongly depend on flavan-3-ol degree of polymerization. Mol Nutr Food Res. 2008 Dec;52(12):1399-407. PMID: 18683822     •[viii], Helicobacter Pylori and Apples     •[ix] Hiroshige Hibasami, Toshihiko Shohji, Ichirou Shibuya, Kazuko Higo, Tomomasa Kanda. 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